Gymnastics Evaluation Form

Gymnastics evaluation form is a document which contrives the gymnastic skills and activities of an individual. Usually, such kind of paperwork is prepared with questions from various aspects of gymnastics in order to estimate the competency of a concern individual.

Sample Gymnastic Evaluation Form

Name of the gymnast _____________________

Age ______________

Gender _________________

Date of conducting the evaluation ___________________

Name of the organization conducting the evaluation _________________

Objective of the evaluation __________________

Kindly detail all the answers of respective questions in order to carry out an effective evaluation process.

1. How long you are undergoing gymnastic training?

a. ___________months

b. More than _________ years

c. Less than __________years

2. In what kind of gymnastic you are proficient in?

a. Artistic Gymnastic

b. Rhythmic Gymnastic

c. Acrobatic Gymnastic

d. Any other Please specify _______________________

3. Do you think that the gymnastic sport helps you to balance your health and mind together in an effective manner?

a. Yes, it helps to impart a nice coordination of body and mind, improves physic and flexibility.

b. May be; I am not sure.

c. No, it does not create any impact.

4. Do you think the gymnastic program which you are learning presently is conducted by a proficient mentor?

a. Certainly, our mentor is helping us to become specialized in the particular field of gymnastic sport.

b. I don’t know. But, the mentor seems to be proficient.

c. No, not at all. It is becoming difficult to learn the sport effectively due to the lack of mentor’s proficiency.

5. Rate your gymnastic training program on a scale of 10 ______________

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