Group Evaluation Form

Group evaluation form is a layout which lineament those aspects that can essentially gauge and improve the performance of a group, routinely. Hence, this kind of a document is prepared for assessing the deliverables of each individual participating in a group for accomplishing a certain purpose.

Sample Group Evaluation Form

Name of the participant in the group ___________________________

Designation in the group (if any) ______________________


Contact details _______________________

Name of the group ____________________________

Activity of the group _____________________________

Date of submitting the evaluation ______________________________

Purpose of the evaluation _____________________________

Evaluation conducted by ______________________________

Kindly note, all your answers are valuable for evaluating the performance of the group

1. How long you are a member/participant of this group?

a. __________ months

b. More than 2 years

c. Less than 2 years

2. Do you think that the activity or work performed by the group have a significant goal?

a. Yes definitely and it is working towards its goal.

b. May be, I am not bothered.

c. Not at all, it is useless.

3. Do you think all group members have equal participation on all the group activities?

a. Certainly, all make equal participation.

b. I guess all have equal participant but not sure.

c. Inconsistency could be observed in participation.


4. How will you rate the overall performance of the group on a scale of 20? Detail the parameters based on which you are rating.


5. How long would you wish to be a part of this group and why? Mention your answer with justification.


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