Good Job Evaluation

Good job evaluation refers to the process of evaluating a particular type of job in an organization so that its value and contribution can be determined and then it can be ranked accordingly. There are many ways in which a good job can be evaluated. Some use points system, other prefer ranks for different posts, some classify them into various groups, while others adopt a more complex method of considering different factors which influence the job. Whatever method is used for job evaluation, it must be done in a fair and comprehensive way which will help the company take decisions on things like job recruitment, retention and compensation.

Sample Good Job Evaluation:

Name of employee: Cora Lee

Department: Customer Service Department

Designation: Senior Customer Service Executive

Company: Ginger Hotels

Evaluation report prepared by: Jonathan Andrews

Designation: HR, Ginger Hotels

The above mentioned job was evaluated after collecting the responses of the employee on the following parameters:

Purpose of job:

  • To establish a cordial relationship with the customers and be a bridge between the company and consumers so that more guests come to the hotel

Job duties:

  • To answer any queries by the customers and also help them by suggesting what to do in case there is any problem
  • To book rooms, make reservations and handle billing questions
  • Be knowledgeable about all the features and services offered by the hotel


  • Customers are sometimes not clear about what they want
  • Communication is affected because of the customer’s lack of patience

Job skills:

  • Good communication skills and a friendly personality is very important


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