GLPC Job Evaluation

GLPC job evaluation is a system by which the local authorities in London carry out job evaluation in consultation with the employers and union bodies. It is mainly used in local boroughs and voluntary organizations. The main factor considered by the GLPC scheme is the code of good practice and process of letting everyone know of local arrangements. It evaluates a job on the basis of the scope of managerial duties, conditions under which decisions are made and their consequences, the responsibility one takes of resources, analyses the significance of making contacts and networking skills, and the relationship between the different factors of the work environment.

Sample GLPC Job Evaluation:

Name of employee: Matthew Andrews

Department: Administrative department

Designation: Junior administrative officer

Company: Green Leaf Inc

Evaluation report prepared by: Phillip Johnson

Designation: HR, Green Leaf Inc

Purpose of job:

  • To do all kind of administrative work, update data and maintain a smooth relationship among different administrative factors and the management

Job duties:

  • To record information two times a day about any mails the company receives and also make arrangements for sending any important mail
  • To organize different files and maintain a database of information
  • To update data on the various bills and expenses of the organization


  • No form of creativity is required; only numerical work and data entry


  • No special projects have been taken up by the employee neither has he lead any team


  • Good communication skills are important


  • Must be detail-oriented and good with numbers
  • Must be systematic and organized in nature


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