Global Education Evaluation

A global education evaluation can be of many kinds. It may be an assessment of a student’s suitability for a course abroad, or it can be assessment of a college or university claiming to offer global or world class educational facilities. A global education evaluation can also be the assessment of an educational institution located outside the country of assessment, depending upon the nature of the evaluation, its importance varies.

Sample Global Education Evaluation:

Name of institution: South High College of Arts

Location: Red Road, London

Purpose of global education evaluation:

This institution has been known to offer excellent educational facilities which are at par with the best institutions in the world like Oxbridge or the Ivy League Colleges. It receives funds under the UK government’s “Global Education Trust” initiative, and hence this evaluation is a period assessment of that tag granted to the college.

  1. Does the college represent globalization in education truly?

(a)Yes it does with students from over twenty countries studying here

(b)No it does not any longer.

2.  What is the teacher-student ratio of the college?

(a)Under 1:10

(b)Over 1:10

3.  Has the college held up ideals of global inclusivity and participation from all countries and communities?

(a)Yes it has

(b)It has tried, but there is scope from improvement.

4.  Has the college utilized the “Global Education Trust” funds adequately?

(a)    Yes, the trust funds have been used adequately in shaping the vision of global education.

(b)   No, the funds have been mismanaged or not utilized adequately

5.  Does the college deserve to retain the status of Global Institution?

(a)The tag should be retained.

(b)It should be removed.

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