Generic Employee Evaluation

A generic employee evaluation analyses the opinions of a generic employee, that is, an employee who can be employed in a wide variety of jobs. It must be in the form of a questionnaire as that is the form most conducive to obtaining precise and useful opinions from generic employees. The results obtained should be used in a constructive manner to usher in changes in the working condition and wages of generic employees.

Sample Generic Employee Evaluation:

Name of employee: Sandra Carter

Firm: Super Shoppe

Position in the firm: Assistant sales girl

1. Are you satisfied with the working conditions of your job?

(a) Yes, I am satisfied

(b) No I am not satisfied

2. Do you consider your wages to be enough considering the nature of work hours of your job?

(a) Yes, I consider my salary enough

(b) No, my salary is not enough

3. Which among these, according to you, is the greatest problem you face at the work place?

(a) Uncooperative colleagues

(b) Harassment at work [both sexual and non-sexual]

(c) Low wages

(d) Inconsiderate work hours

(e) No extra pay for overtime

4. On a scale of ten, how would you rate your job?

(a) 0 to 4

(b) 4 to 8

(c) 8 to 10

5. Is there adequate communication between those in charge and the generic employees?

(a) Yes, there is adequate communication and our grievances are usually addressed

(b) No, our grievances are not addressed as those in charge do not hear our opinions.

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