Free Home Evaluation

A free home evaluation generally refers to an assessment procedure wherein certain aspects are brought into question so as to clarify all issues regarding a home property. The evaluation document should include all relevant matters such that every detail regarding the home is made clear and understandable to all those who are linked to that particular property. This type of an evaluation comes for free, that is it can be referred to by anybody, without being charged with extra costs for the specific home evaluation.

Sample Free Home Evaluation:

Name: Rose Valley Apartments

Address: 19, P/ II, Lindsay Street, London

Home No.: 12B, 3rd Floor

Owner: Michael Jones

Contact number: 00 3 – 213 – 829287192

Evaluation conducted on: 19th August, 2011

Evaluation conducted by: High Rise Properties and Co.

Please mark the correct options to help us in the evaluation procedure:

1. Is your home located in a proper environment and the perfect surroundings provided along with?

  • Yes it is
  • It is somewhat ok
  • No we need to improve the surrounding environment

2. Is the home enough airy and spacious?

  • Definitely
  • Somewhat
  • Not really

3.  Do you have proper bathrooms and a good drainage system?

  • Definitely it does
  • It is just fine
  • No, we lack a proper sewage and need to improve

4. Is your home equipped with special amenities such as fire control systems and other such security devices?

  • Yes it is
  • We have one fire extinguisher and a safety lock
  • No, we don’t have such facilities

5. Do you have open spaces, park, garden, swimming pool, etc, around your home?

  • Yes, we have all of them
  • We just have a garden and swings.
  • No we don’t have such things right now

6. How would you actually describe your home?

  • Beautiful and a perfect home
  • Somewhat untidy but nice structure
  • Poor outlook
  • _____________________________________ [Any other statement for description]

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