Foreign Education Evaluation

Foreign education evaluation is a document which establishes the credentials an aspiring student must possess if he or she intends to go abroad for higher studies.  Often these credentials are set by institution or by the governments of the countries. A foreign education evaluation should be honest, unbiased and should cover all areas with fairness and justice so that deserving candidates are afforded the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Sample Foreign Education Evaluation

The following questions are meant to ascertain a student’s credibility and suitability for study in the United Kingdom. Hence the questions must be answered carefully and with all honesty.

Name of student: Monisha Roy

Course applied: M.St. in English Literature at University of Oxford

  1. Do you have a valid passport and are your emigration papers in order? Have you applied for/obtained a visa?

(a)Yes, my passport is in order. I have applied for a visa.

(b)Yes, my passport is in order, and I have already obtained a visa

(c) No my papers are not in order yet.

  1. Have you received a confirmed letter from your University, guaranteeing you a place in its ranks?

(a)Yes, I have received a confirmed assurance.

(b)No, my acceptance at the university is subject to my fulfilling certain conditions and thus is provision.

2.  Have u received financial assistance in the form of scholarships or grants?

(a)Yes, I have been granted scholarship(s).

(b)No, I am self financing my course.

3. Do you intend to return to your country of birth after the course?

(a)Yes, I plan to return

(b)No, I plan to continue studying/working in the UK

4.  How long is your course of study?

(a)One year

(b)More than one year

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