Foreign Degree Evaluation

A foreign degree evaluation is one that is required to be undertaken by a candidate who has pursued education outside their own country. The process of foreign degree evaluation is compulsory for every person who has obtained a degree outside their country. It is only with this evaluation report that the person will be considered for further studies or employment in their country.

Also another purpose of foreign degree evaluation is to certify the equivalence of the same in two different countries for convenience sake. The foreign degree evaluation is of two types namely professional and academic. Professional foreign degree evaluation report is one which is taken by a person who wants to take up employment in the country and academic is one which is obtained by a person who wants to pursue higher education in the country. A sample professional foreign degree evaluation for employment is provided here under for best use.

Sample Foreign Degree Evaluation

Name of the applicant – Robin Michael Farren

Date of Birth – 01/12/1993

Email address of the applicant –

Country of birth – United States of America

Permanent address of the applicant – #2, Marathon street, Newyork State, United States of America

Contact number of applicant – 001-223-3334

The applicant is required to answer the following questions correctly.

  1. What is the purpose of evaluation                         Academic____    Professional_____
  2. Name of the educational qualification                 Master’s in Mechanical Engineering
  3. Education Acquired in Native language              English
  4. Type of accreditation of University                       International Accreditation
  5. Name of the University, location                          University of Manchester, London
  6. Availability of permission for employment        Yes Available
  7. Period of stay                                                          Five Years
  8. Original documents submitted                           Yes
  9. Equivalent degree in home country                  Bachelor’s in Mechanical engineering

Foreign degree Evaluation provided by – Foreign Credits Corporation, #70, Watson Street, IL, USA

Contact number of foreign degree evaluator – 009-112-2234

Email address of foreign degree evaluator –

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