Fitness Evaluation Form

Fitness evaluation form is a process by which a fitness or health maintaining organization helps to gauge the current status of a person’s fitness. Such a document is prepared through a series of measurement so that it helps to quantify the health competency of an individual for enduring laborious work.

Sample Fitness Evaluation Form

Participant’s name __________________________

Contact details of the participant ____________________

Age of the participant _________________________ Gender _________________

Evaluation conducted by ____________________________

Purpose of fitness evaluation __________________

Date of submitting the evaluation form ___________________________

Please mark the correct option for assessing your current fitness status:

1. How will you rate your current fitness status on a scale of 10?


2. Are you involved in any physical training programs for keeping your physic fit and strong?

• Yes, in various kind of fitness training programs.

• No, never before.

• Can’t Remember.

3. Are you suffering from unnecessary stored fats or obesity?

• Yes, I am fed up of my corpulent structure and want to get rid of it.

• I have little fat storage in various parts of my body.

• No I don’t think so I am obese or have any stored fats at such

4. Do you get adequate energy for handling laborious jobs?

a. Definitely, my health does permit.

b. Not always.

c. Never at all, I feel I am energy deficient.

5. Do you have any cardiovascular complications? If “yes”, then describe your problem in details.

a. Yes , I am suffering from ___________________________

b. May be don’t know

c. No

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