Financial Performance Evaluation

The financial performance evaluation is done mostly for the purpose of measuring whether the business has been meeting the profit in the market with regards to internal and external financial management. This is done to gauge the company’s performance and see whether it has reached the financial aims that are set at the beginning of the market. It also gives insight to the newly launched products and services as well as the old existing ones within the market. The internal management of the company is also kept under scanner in such evaluations to see if it meets the standards.

Sample Financial Performance Evaluation:

The following evaluation is being conducted to ensure whether the financial health and performance of Marks and Spender is as per the company’s set standards.

Respondents: Employees of Marks and Spender’s

Departments: Finance Department, Market Department and the Board of Directors

Date of Evaluation: 23/4/2012

Kindly answer all the given questions so as to determine the internal and market performance of the company:

1. Has there been any newly launched product/service for this business year?

a. A new launch was done.

b. No such launch was done.

2. Are all the financial accounts according to the NIH standards?

a. All accounts have been checked and confirmed.

b. All accounts have been rejected.

3. Are the old products well received within the market?

a. There has been no decrease in profit.

b. Slight increase/decrease.

c. Complete loss.

4. Are all the employees paid according to the internal safeguards and budget cuts?

a. Yes, all of them are.

b. Special treatment given to better ranking employees.

5. Has there been any issues regarding meeting production costs?

a. No such issues

b. Minor issues

c. Major issues

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