Financial Evaluation Template

Financial evaluation template is a pre-developed layout which creates provision for outlining the details related to financial activities of a business, institute or individual. This kind of layout has to be documented in a general approach so that it could have scope for making the needed customization.

Sample Financial Evaluation Template

Evaluation Doc. Number: ___________________ [specify an unique number for referring the particular evaluation document in case of future need]


[Give a suitable title to the evaluation document]

Financial evaluation conducted by: ___________________ [specify the name of the individual or organization by which the financial evaluation is being conducted]

Contact Details: _________________ [specify the address of the same]

Financial Evaluation Conducted For: ________________________ [Specify the name and contact details of the business, organization or individual for whom the particular evaluation is being conducted]

Financial Evaluation Conducted on: ____________________ [mention the date on which the financial evaluation was conducted]

Financial Evaluation Conducted for _________________ [Mention the span based upon which the financial activities are taken into consideration]

Tools Employed: [specify the tools employed for conducting the particular appraisal]

  • Tool 1________________[name of tool 1]
  • Tool 2________________[name of tool 2]
  • Tool 3________________[name of tool 3]
  • Tool 4________________[name of tool 4]


Some of the general questions that every kind of financial evaluation template must bear:


  • Number of assets _______________
  • Number of liabilities ________________
  • Shareholder’s equity= Liabilities – Assets

Total Income for the above-mentioned span is ___________________

Total number of revenues for the above-mentioned span is _____________

Specify the cash inflow ___________ and outflow _______________

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