Financial Evaluation Report

A financial evaluation report outlines the conclusion based upon the findings of an appraisal related to finance and assesses the performance of financial activities over a certain span of time. This can be presented by any financial organization, business or individuals depending on a conducted financial evaluation. These are important document and hence one must ensure to present this report in a summative approach by elucidating an effective solution to the shortcomings.

Sample Financial Evaluation Report

Annual Financial Evaluation Report for the Year 2010-11

XYZ Technologies conducted financial evaluation for the year 2010-11 on 1st April 2011 based upon the following factors:

  • Overall assets obtained throughout the following year [assets= shareholder’s equity+ liabilities]
  • Number of shareholder’s equity left over after paying of all the liabilities and selling of the assets.
  • Area of new investments
  • The income with special emphasis on operating and non-operating revenues and expenses.
  • On cash inflow and outflow with enormous emphasis on operating and investing activities.
  • On the carried over financial obligations associated with the organization

Based on the data available through an evaluation of the above-mentioned factors, the following report could be concluded:

  • 4.5% of company’s assets have been sold for paying of 3.5% of the liabilities that has been incurred from previous year.
  • Left over 1% net worth has been considered as retained earnings which are less than the previous year.
  • Company has undergone a loss of 15% at the beginning of the year; however, it has recovered with a profit margin of 32.22% by the end of the year

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