Financial Evaluation Format

Financial evaluation format describes a structured layout which could essentially contain inquisitions related to the financial activities of an individual, business, institute or other entities. This kind of format has to be built proficiently without committing any inadvertent error so that it could serve as a document in case of any future need.

Sample Financial Evaluation Format

Detailed Information About Evaluator(s) and Evaluatee(s):

The financial evaluation should begin by explicating the details of evaluator by whom the financial evaluation is being conducted and the evaluatee(s) who is being evaluated. This information is to be stated initially so as to establish the authenticity of the document. Furthermore, it can also depict the official essence of the particular document:

Purpose and Time Span of the Evaluation:

Following the introduction section, the purpose of the evaluation has to be enumerated along with the time span depending on which other attributes like factors, questions of the particular evaluation etc. would be drafted.

The questions of a financial evaluation are generally categorized into the following four categories, as enlisted:

Questions Related to Liquidity ratios:

Questions related to this category should seek for answers related to two principle liquidity ration i.e. quick and current ratios. The count of both the ratios is always directly proportional to the liquidity ratios.

Questions Related to Efficiency Ratios:

These kinds of questions interrogate sales per revenue and fixed turnover of assets.

Questions Related to Leverage Rations:

Particular questions on debt for assets and equity are framed for such an inquisition.

Questions Related to Profitability Ratios:

These questions should seek for answers on return of equity and assets.

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