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The financial assessment evaluation is conducted by a company to understand the areas that need financial attentions. This is done to ensure that there is financial stability within the company as well as regular cash flow. This is highly necessary to ensure the profitability of the company. Irrespective of the size of the company, the evaluation must take place. There must be complete awareness about the financial conditions of the company and it must redress the problem areas immediately. The financial assessment evaluation should be composed in a lucid manner and should take into account all the pertinent issues.

Sample Financial Assessment Evaluation:

Name of Company/Respondent: Shackles Pvt. Ltd

Date of Evaluation: 13/2/2011

Evaluation Composed by: Department of Finance and Marketing

The following assessment has been created for the purpose of identifying the critical financial areas. Kindly answer all questions so that proper actions can be taken:

Have the production budgets ever crossed its set budgets?

  1. There has never been an over crossing of limits.
  2. Sometimes
  3. Always

Is there any discrepancy with regards to the yearly budgets set?

  1. Hardly ever.
  2. There have been some occasions.
  3. Frequently.

Have the internal management adhered to the internal cost cuts?

  1. Most have been cooperative
  2. Some have been cooperative
  3. None have been cooperative

Are there any financial issues related to marketing of products or services?

  1. No such issues
  2. Some exceptions have occurred
  3. This happens often

Has the company always met the expected profit set at the beginning of the financial year?

  1. It has always met the target
  2. Sometimes it has missed.
  3. Never met target.




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