Finance Manager Job Evaluation

A finance manager plays an immensely important role to supervise and manage the financial and accounting department of a company. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the deserving person is chosen for this designation whose ideas and dedication would lead the company to a new dimension of success. Finance manager job evaluation is such an appraisal conducted for judging the performance of the particular job position. Thus, it has to be designed appropriately so that actual findings could be obtained.

Sample Finance Manager Job Evaluation

Finance Manager Job Evaluation Form

Supreme Infotech Private Limited

Name of the applicant- William Anderson

Date of evaluation- 25th may, 2012.

Respondents are requested to rate the mentioned person’s performance with regard to the criteria given below on a scale of 1-5.

  • Leadership and motivation
  1. Understanding employees’ problems and giving them proper guidance:
  2. Motivational skills to improve performance standards of team members:
  3. Competence of dealing with unexpected situations:
  4. Ability to manage multiple responsibilities:
  5. Competence of building a collaborative environment among team members:
  6. Competence of organizing groups for betterment of performance:
  7. Competence of anticipating and solving critical problems promptly:
  8. Ability to formulate right strategies to increase productivity:
  9. Ability of using available resources:
  10. Time management skills:
  11. Ability to make proper planning and their executions:
    1. Required competencies for the job position:
    2. Professional skills to prepare marketing plans and their proper implementation to increase sales:
    3. Competence of distributing works efficiently among team members:
    4. Ability to develop proper financial strategies:
  12. Ability to work as a part of a team:
  13. Cooperation with colleague:
  14. Human resource management skills:
  15. Flexibility to adapt in all situations:
  16. Application of creative knowledge and financial ideas to resolve problems:
  17. Generating sales and profitability of the company effectively:
  • Administration
  • Financial and marketing skills
  • Interpersonal and management skills
  • Personal qualities


1-Below Average


3-Above average



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