Faculty Self Evaluation

Faculty self-evaluation is the process by which the teaching faculty of a school, college or institute analyses their own performance so that they improve their teaching methods and create a better learning environment for the students. The faculty plays a key role and forming children’s concepts about various subjects and it is necessary to conduct self-evaluations to see if their way of teaching is effective or not and if the child is feeling comfortable with them. Faculty self- evaluation is encouraged by the school authorities as it gives the teachers a chance to review their performance and also reflect on the areas where they can do better.

Sample Faculty Self Evaluation:

Name: Dorothy James

Type of teacher: Subject teacher

Subjects taught: Biology and Chemistry

Independent studies supervised: Yes

Research projects supervised: 2

Name of School: St Mary’s Convent

Evaluation period: 2011-2012

  • How would you describe your approach to teaching?

I am a teacher but I am also a good listener, I believe in explaining to the students the theories along with demonstrations of practical experiments, so that they are encouraged to ask questions

  • How would you rate your performance and why?

I believe the student’s performance can be the judge of my performance; my students have done well not only in their tests and assignments but have also taken part in state-level competitions under my supervision, winning most of the prizes

  • Would you like to describe any achievements?

I received the Best Teacher Award in 2011 and got recognition from my peers. I would like to work on creating new and interesting ways to teach my students


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