Event Evaluation Form

Event evaluation form is a measuring tool used for determining the extent till which any particular event is successful in achieving its intention. This is a necessary process for making an event organizing team more effective and efficient in their upcoming events.

Sample Event Evaluation Form

Name of the person who is participating in the evaluation process: ___________________________________________

Name of the event __________________ Event date __________

Date ______________

Event location ________________

Estimated attendance _____________

1. As a participant or attendee, what more you expected from this kind of event?


2. Do you think the event has successfully attained its purpose?

a. Yes very much, it was a successful event

b. May be I didn’t analyzed much.

c. I don’t think so as it didn’t create much impact.

3. As an event attendee, are you satisfied by the kind of presentation decided by the organizers for presenting the event?

a. Definitely I am highly satisfied; they organize the event perfectly by visualizing the targeted goals and presenting it in an outstanding way.

b. To some extent but not entirely

c. It was a sheer wastage of time

4. Did any aspect of the event motivated you and which could be the reason for you to attend similar kind of event in future?

a. Yes, I am highly motivated by _________________________________________

b. I don’t think so I would wish to attend and even if I then I would make sure that is not organized by the same organizers.

c. A bit motivating

5. Rate the overall success of the event on a scale of 10 _______________

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