Evaluation Research Example

The following evaluation research example has been compiled for a better understanding of how a research is to be conducted through the use of questionnaires and other such formats. The purpose of such an evaluation is to gain information regarding a particular issue or topic from a varied number of people so that the information does not remain merely a hypothesis derived from books. This is also a great way to verify information that is already known. The evaluation research example given below indicates the use of simple, coherent language and avoidance of all complex sentences or questions.

Sample Evaluation Research Example:

Name of Respondent: Matthew Tyler

Gender: Male

Occupation: Teacher

Research: The Banning of Representation of Smoking On-Screen.

Conducted by: Moral Police Organization

Date of evaluation: 12/3/2012

The respondent is requested to answer the following questions to ensure public moral and ethical welfare and safety.

1. Are you aware of the prevalence of smoking on-screen?

a. Acutely aware.

b. Vaguely aware.

c. I do not care/I don’t watch TV

2. Where do you feel smoking has been shown the most?

a. In movies

b. In Television

c. In reality shows

3. Will you support the ban of such representation?

a. Most certainly I will.

b. In some cases I will grant exception.

c. No, I will not.

4. Who is the most harmed by this?

a. Children

b. Family as a whole

c. Youth

d. All of the above.

5. (For smokers only) Will you quit smoking if there is no such thing shown on-screen?

a. Certainly.

b. Will think about it.

c. No.

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