Types of Evaluation Questions

Evaluations are necessary in business world and are often used to assess the performance of the employees. With the help of different types of evaluation questions, the employees can also know how they are performing their job.

For evaluating an individual you need to ask questions which are related to the job. There are many general evaluation questions used by the evaluators. You can start with goal oriented questions. This gives both the employees and the employers, the goals to work on.

Most of the organizations conduct a pre-evaluation personality test, before hiring someone. Personality test provides the evaluator with information on frustration, stress levels experienced by the employees and their views on their supervisor. With the help of the results of this personality test, you can frame your evaluation questions.

You need to consider the goals which you think the employee should have for himself or herself. Your questions should be based on the objectives. Ask the employees about their established goals for the upcoming year. Planning activities based on goal, helps them to focus and strive throughout the year, in order to achieve their target-objectives.

Goals suggested by the employees should be realistic and measurable. If you find that, a goal suggested does not match with the requirements of the company, you can help them in restructuring the goal to be quantitative. These questions enable the employees to show aspiration towards their job, as getting promoted is always on the mind of employees.

Questions that you ask, should also be based on the objectives of the company. The organization provides a specific service to the public. These kinds of questions provide a chance for the employees to analyze whether they are doing what is best for the company or not.

Use questions which reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the employees with their job. This helps the employees to think and evaluate themselves on what they are good at and at what they are bad. Such type of questions provides the employees to see their potential and set goals to improve on their weak areas.

In order to get the required answers from the employees, it is better to speak to their guide or supervisor, who has some knowledge about their attitude and behavior. Immediate supervisors of the employees can provide the necessary information, as they have the most contact with them.

Ask questions about how the individual aspires to grow and develop professionally within the organization. These questions let you know about the dreams of the employees to move up in their position, or their satisfaction with where they are. This conversation reveals whether the employees are content with their job or not.

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