Evaluation Forms Template

Evaluation forms template provides a structural model of the forms used by experts in evaluation. It is a questionnaire or checklist that explores the factors and causes on the basis of which an evaluation report is drawn .It is then administered to the members of the department or organization who are being evaluated. Therefore, honest and true responses on part of the respondents are inevitable to make a valid assessment report.

Sample Evaluation Forms Template

Nature of work evaluated: _____________________________ [Mention the name of the field for which evaluation forms are required]

Evaluation forms demanded by: ______________________________ [Mention the organization commissioning the evaluation forms]

Date of submission of report: _________________________ [Mention the concerned date]

Evaluation forms customised by: ____________________________________ [Provide the name of the organization or department designing the form and the members of the team]

Purpose of customising the evaluation form:

  • Purpose 1: _________________________________
  • Purpose 2: _________________________________ [Incorporate the uses of administration of the evaluation forms]

Techniques used for developing the evaluation forms:

  • Technique 1: ___________________________
  • Technique 2: ___________________________
  • Technique 3: ____________________________ [Mention the methods of devising the evaluation forms in question]

Factors considered in selecting items for evaluation forms:

  • Tasks and operations: ___________________________________________
  • Skills and abilities of the respondents: ______________________________
  • Training programs and subsequent placement: ________________________
  • Positive and negative aspects of the field: ____________________________
  • Self appraisal of the work methods: __________________________________
  • Past and present task performances: ____________________________ [Mention how each of these factors influence the formatting of questions in the forms]

Evaluation forms compiled and finalised by: _____________________________ [Provide the relevant details]

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