Evaluation Forms Format

Evaluation forms format acts as a base line of creating an evaluation form for a person’s evaluation in an organization. It is in the form of a questionnaire through which assessment and appraisal of individual performances are conducted. A format is, thus, meticulously designed in order to incorporate all the necessary items in the form.

Sample Evaluation Forms Format

Evaluation forms commissioned by: _____________________________________

Evaluation forms created and finalised by the core team consisting of: ___________________________________________________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must mention the name of the organization demanding the development of the evaluation forms and the type of job or task to be evaluated by aid of the forms. It must identify the purpose of the evaluation. The methods of development of the form must consist of item analysis and item validation for adequate standardization of the test.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must include the factors affecting the evaluation forms. The questions included must be clearly defined, meaningful and relevant with an array of options to choose from. The options must indicate the degree of possessing the qualities or exhibiting the behaviours for each item. The forms must be administered correctly to all respondents. Evaluation of the respondents is done on the basis of the responses. Profile-matching must be done with the ideal/standardised profile for subsequent promotions.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must provide a suitable conclusion with respect to the results and effects of the evaluation. The evaluation forms must be designed with scoring systems so that the evaluation can be concluded in an impartial manner.

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