Evaluation for Teacher Education

An evaluation for teacher education helps one to understand the level of knowledge a teacher has in his/her subject and how well the person can handle the profession. The teacher needs to be qualified enough to influence an all-round development in them and hence the report needs to be accurate as it would importantly determine the source of a student’s academic future.

Sample Evaluation for Teacher Education:

Jennifer Lohan

30 years

Chemistry Teacher

Evaluation commissioned by: National Council for Teacher’s Education.

Purpose of the evaluation: The teacher’s education is being evaluated so as to ensure that she has absolutely proper knowledge, to the best possible extent, of her subject and is also equally capable of teaching it and interacting with students.

Please help us to evaluate by correctly marking the appropriate option for each of the questions given below.

  1. Are you confident to be able to deal with students effectively?

a)   Yes, I am quite sure.

b)   I am not fully confident.

c)   Not much confident.

2. Do you have enough experience?

a)   Yes, I have been teaching chemistry for the last six years.

b)   Somewhat yes because I have given private tuitions to many.

c)   No, actually this is my first time in this profession.

3. Will you always stick to the syllabus?

a)   Yes that is the way I want it to be..

b)   Mostly so, but I will give some seasonal reference lectures.

c)   Not at all, I will provide them with the maximum possible information on every topic.

4. How do you see yourself to be?

a)   Very punctual and regular teacher.

b)   Moderately punctual.

c)   Would love to take maximum possible leaves.

5. Will you groom your students with practical lessons as well?

a)   Definitely.

b)   Only basic ideas will be given.

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