Equipment Evaluation

An equipment evaluation is undertaken for tools in order to certify its compliance to general standards of functioning and compliance of safety procedures. When an equipment evaluation is done it ensures that there is cost effectiveness of the equipment and it is ready for immediate use.

Apart from this when an equipment evaluation is undertaken it helps to avoid all kinds of injuries and accidents that persons working on the equipment are exposed to. Thus an equipment evaluation process is a standard procedure that helps avert unnecessary negligence with the use of equipments in future after installation.

Sample Equipment Evaluation

Name of the equipment being evaluated – electrical equipment

Equipment number – IC1122

Equipment manufacturing date – 01/05/2013

Equipment installation date – 29/05/2013

Equipment evaluation performed by – Mr. Alphonso Desouza

The evaluator should answer the following questions to complete the evaluation process for the equipment.

1. Is the equipment fit for installation immediately or requires any accessories for proper functioning?

a. Equipment is fit for installation immediately

b. Equipment requires more accessories

2. Is the equipment ready for operation and certified to be safe for use by all the operators of the equipment at every stage?

a. Equipment is ready for operation and safe to use

b. Equipment is not ready for operation and not safe for use.

3. Does the equipment carry all the user manuals, safety instruction and user guide to help operators during any emergency requirement for reference?

a. Yes manual, safety instruction and user manual are available

b. No manual, safety instruction and user manual are available

4. Have the operators undergone a simulation training session to use the equipment appropriately?

a. Yes training has been provided

b. No training has not been provided

5. Does the company have a backup plan in case of failure of the equipment when in operation in future?

a. Yes backup plan is available

b. No backup plan is not available

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