Environmental Education Evaluation

An environmental education evaluation is an important document which analyzes the effectiveness of imparting environmental education at some particular level, be it school, college or some higher education institution. Thus the evaluation should be conducted carefully so as to garner the best possible results by instilling in the students the need to protect the environment.

Sample Environmental Education Evaluation

Zarrine Winslet

Class Representative, Std. – VII

St. John’s Higher Secondary School

Environmental education evaluation prepared by: Miss Serena James

Faculty Head

Department of Environmental Education

Evaluation supervision by: Central Department of Environmental Education.

Date of evaluation: 23rd June, 2011

Purpose of the evaluation:

  • To assess the correct state of environmental education being provided to all students.
  • It is important to analyze the effect of the education, so much so that students should be able to practice them in their daily lives.
  • The evaluation should properly portray the pitfalls also, so that they can be developed and produce better impact in near future.

Kindly tick the correct options as you think, for helping us in proper evaluation.

  1. Are you all given formal education in this subject?

a)   Yes, it is highly formal.

b)   No, it is very much informal.

2.  Do you have environmental classes on a regular basis?

a)   Very much, we have three classes in a week.

b)   We have classes once a week.

c)   Not often, maybe once a month or so.

3.  Are workshops conducted at proper intervals?

a)    We have workshops twice every month.

b)   Not really, we did not have any workshop as yet.

4.  What is the type of imparting education?

a)   We are simply given lectures and notes on various environmental topics.

b)   We do have practical classes once a week along with classroom teaching

5. On a total of 10, how much will you rate the effectiveness of this education, considering the impact it created in your everyday life an attitude towards the environment?


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