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Employee evaluation is a task carried out by an employer in order to assess and judge the performance of his employees. This ensures the maintenance of the standard of work as well as promotion of a holistic work environment where mistakes can be redressed. An employee evaluation can be of two types:

The employee evaluation carried out by the employer: In this kind of evaluation, the employer assesses the quality of work, efficiency and skills of his workers. He analyzes their recent promotions and increments as part of determining their overall performance.

The evaluation carried out by employees themselves: In this kind of evaluation, the employees assess their job satisfaction levels, their understanding of the job, their happiness and interactions with their employers. Feedback forms are often specially designed to be filled up by employees. Their suggestions can then be taken up by the higher authorities.

The purposes behind such an evaluation are as follows:

Assessing employee satisfaction levels in order to ensure maximum productivity.

Deciding on a future course of action as far as employee benefits are concerned.

Facilitating interpersonal relationships.

Promoting a better work environment.

Ensuring transparency and encouraging trust.

Preventing the building up of resistance and anger.

An employee evaluation must have some kind of document, like a form, attached to it. This must address areas of common grievance like pay packets, office amenities, benefits and job stress. The form must be made as comprehensive and encouraging as possible. For the betterment of the employer-employee relationship, some degree of sympathy and concern for the welfare of the office members must filter through into an employee evaluation. The suggestions put forward by the employees must be acted upon for the success of this evaluation. Employee evaluation is of great importance and a truly simple yet effective way of communicating with employees.

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