Employee Self Evaluation

Employee self-evaluation is the process by which an employee analyses his own performance at his workplace to see if he has made any improvements, learnt anything new, identified his limitations and has reached his career goals or not. Before any appraisal is done, the management always evaluates the employee’s performance over a period of time. Some companies also encourage self-evaluation as it helps the employee to know more about himself, his work and where he needs to work on. It also gives the employee a sense of importance and motivates him to do better. This way he becomes an active participant in the performance review process.

Sample Employee Self Evaluation:

Name: Andrew Jones

Designation: Senior sales employee

Year of joining: 2010

Review period: April 2011 to April 2012

Job expectations for review period:

  • To improve sales figures by at least 15%
  • To get at least 10 more new regular clients for the company
  • To make more effective presentations
  • Build skills, especially work on communication skills


  • Improvement in sales figures by 15% or above                        Yes
  • 10 more new regular clients                                          Yes
  • Management happy with presentations                           Yes
  • Have been able to communicate better and more convincingly   Yes

Need to work on:

  • Take quick decisions and have presence of mind                              No
  • Leadership, confidence and self-reliance                                         No

Self-evaluation comments:

  • Have got new projects and clients for the company and have lead the team when the team leader was on leave for 2 months due to his accident
  • Have improved sales figures, thereby bringing more profits to the company and also reaching personal goals through hard work and dedication

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