Employee Job Performance Evaluation

Employee job performance evaluation is the process by which the work and performance of an employee is examined as part of general or annual appraisal. In order to find out if an employee is contributing positively towards an organization, his performance must be evaluated and it also helps the management decide who is an asset to the organization and who is not worth a raise or promotion. The employee job performance evaluation also helps the employee know what areas he needs to work on, where he is doing well and also helps him to set career goals by motivating him. His achievements, skills and work are analyzed for a specific period.

Sample Employee Job Performance Evaluation:

Name of employee: Sasha Giles

Department: Sales Department

Year of joining: 2010

Review period: April 2011-April 2012

Company: Wisteria Enterprises

Evaluation done by: James Fiennes

Designation: Manager, Wisteria Enterprises

The employee’s job performance evaluation has been done on the basis of his work performance and achievements during the review period. The following recommendations have been made based on the review:


  • The employee has successfully reached the sales target allotted to him and has contributed 6% to the company’s total sales during the review period
  • He follows instructions well, has good communication skills and is able to work in a team
  • We feel the employee is ready to handle a larger geographical territory and can take more responsibilities


  • He played a crucial role in spearheading the rural connection project and did outstanding work in the field by getting more new customers


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