Employee Job Evaluation

An employee job evaluation can be of two types; one, where the evaluation is conducted by the employer to assess the employee’s performance, and the other in which the employee analyses his own performance, his motivation, the job and so on. The latter is more common as it provides an interesting perspective of the job. An employee job evaluation can take many forms but care must be taken to ensure that the report of the job evaluation is prepared well.

Sample Employee Job Evaluation:

Employee job evaluation conducted by: Alliance Pvt. Ltd.

Date of employee job evaluation: 12th June 2011

Employee evaluated: Sarah Montana, Assistant Technical Chief

The employee must rate the following aspects of his job, and job performance, as per the key or index given below:

1: Outstanding

2: Good

3: Satisfactory

4: Dissatisfactory

Job Satisfaction Evaluation:

[Please enter the rating that you wish to beside each of these aspects]

(A)                Job potential [Mention 1, 2, 3 or 4 as you deem right]

(B)                Scope for professional growth and progress

(C)                Frequency of promotions and increments

(D)                Exposure to current trends and technical developments in the field.

Colleagues and seniors:

(A)                Professional help and support from colleagues and seniors in the department in which the employee works [Mention 1, 2, 3 or 4 as you deem right]

(B)                Team spirit and the inclination to put team work before individual success or gain

(C)                Ability to impart training and provide advice to amateurs and new recruits

Overall Job Evaluation:

(A)                Value of experience gathered: [Mention 1, 2, 3 or 4 as you deem right]

(B)                Professional expertise acquired

(C)                Payments and remunerations

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