Employee Evaluation Template

Employee evaluation template is a pre developed layout which outlines the evaluation tool that is used to gauge the overall efficiency and performance of an employee. Such a document helps in constructing the essential aspects of the entire process.

Sample Employee Evaluation template

Employee name _________________________________ [mention the name of the employee whose overall traits and performance are to be evaluated]

Employer’s name _____________________

Employee id __________________ [mention the identity number which is a unique code of the employee]

Date of conducting the evaluation _____________ [here mention the date in dd/mm/yy format]

Job position ___________________ [mention the designation of the employee in the company]

Nature of the job ________________________________________________________________ [this section specifies what kind of job the employee has to perform for the particular job position]

Purpose: [mention the purpose of conducting the employee evaluation]

  • ________________ [state purpose 1]
  • ________________ [state purpose 2]
  • ________________ [state purpose 3]

Tools: [mention the tools that is being used for conducting the evaluation process]

  • ________________ [state tool 1]
  • ________________ [state tool 2]
  • ________________ [state tool 3]

Please answer the following questions correctly for carry out a successful process of evaluation.

  • Specify the job responsibilities the employee has to undertake


Ratings ___________________

  • Efficiency of the employee in facing challenges. Give an instance


Ratings _______________________

  • Communication skills, leadership qualities and team player abilities.


Ratings _____________________

  • Capability of handling early deadlines, heavy work load and long working hour.


Ratings _______________

All the ratings should be given on a scale of 10.

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