Employee Evaluation Form

Employee evaluation form is an appraisement used by an employer for determining the overall traits of an employee. This is an effective process for gauging the true abilities of an employee and in turn helps the company to identify the potential man power.

Sample Employee Evaluation Form

Name of the employer/organization ___________________

Name o the employee ______________

Employee id _____________

Employee grade ________________________

Current designation _______________________

Elaborate the work that is to be performed for the particular designation __________________________________________

1. How often do you get promotion?

a. Once in every year

b. Depends upon the performance

c. Did not received any till now


2. Do you think you could fulfill the company’s expectation through this position and meets it targeted objective?

a. Yes, I am taking up challenges for exploring new opportunities for my company

b. Sometimes it depends

c. I try to fulfill but may be I am not that successful

State reason/instances for supporting your answer ___________________________________________________________________

3. Do you think you have the certain traits like [leadership, team player, best manager or supervisor or coordinator]?

a. Definitely that is the reason for me to be in this position

b. May be I don’t know

c. No does not meet all

4. Mention a quality that sets you unique and apart from your associates. Give appropriate instances/role in support of your answer. ___________________________________________________

5. How much will you rate the opportunities you receive from your employer on a basis of 10 _______________________

6. Rate your job satisfaction on a scale of 5 ___________________

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