Educational Research Evaluation

The educational research evaluation is made for the aim of gaining information related to improving or changing of particular research papers that have been created by research scholars and students. This is done within the academic circle and addresses issues related to the paper so that the student can get feedback from the educational faculty or peer group. This evaluation should cover all areas related to the paper and the questions must be free from any jargon or complex terms. It should be simple in its formulation and coherent.

Sample Educational Research Evaluation:

Name of Student: Mike Sully

Student of: New York University

Area of study: Masters in Culture Studies

Respondents: Dissertation faculty of Culture Studies

Date of Evaluation: 5/1/2011

Kindly respond to the following questions as related to the research conducted on the topic: ‘Position of Women in Media’

1. Has the topic covered the relevant areas pertaining to the subject matter?

a. It has covered all correctly.

b. There are some areas missing.

c. None of the areas are correct.

2. Are the sources cited recent enough and appropriately inserted?

a. The sources are all appropriate and recent.

b. No, none are recent enough. Needs immediate correction.

3. Have the citations been done according to the MLA/APA format as required?

a. Certainly.

b. Some need corrections.

c. All require revision.

4. Has the research followed an appropriate method of analysis?

a. Yes, it has.

b. No, a change is required.

5. Is the research topic original in content and approach?

a. Content and approach is original.

b. Unoriginal and done before.

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