Educational Presentation Evaluation

Educational presentation evaluation is an appraisal document used for evaluating any presentation related to the field or discipline of education. Such a presentation should highlight its objective effectively so that it helps the intended audience to understand the motive behind it clearly. This kind of assessment is generally collected from audience after the presentation session.

Sample Educational Presentation Evaluation

Education Program Presentation Evaluation

Name of the respondent: Tim Yanksy

Present Designation: Student [participant of education program]

Contact details: 24 Lansdown Street, USA

Objective Education Program Presentation:

This education program presentation was presented by the authority after conducting an education program for 3 days where undergraduate students are involved into various educational activities. This presentation demonstrates the overview of entire education program and its impact on the students.

Hence, following to the presentation an evaluation is also conducted by the authority to gauge the performance and efficiency of the presentation.

Kindly mark the correct option to determine the performance of the following parameters of the education program presentation:

  • The content of the presentation was ___  a) outstanding b) good c) average d) not as expected
  • All the lineaments depicted in the presentation are rightly supported by graphical representation.    a)Very true b) May be not sure c) I don’t think so
  • The conclusion of the entire education program was best understood after viewing the presentation        a) Yes b) May be c) The conclusion does not make any sense.
  • Rate overall performance of the presentation on a scale of 5     1 2 3 4 5

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