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Education evaluation is the process that involves systematic assessment of any educational activities on educational institute. This kind of evaluation strives to access the impact and merits of several educational programs and initiatives. This evaluation involves two important methods of its kind, which are being implemented by the evaluators based on the need.

Formative educational evaluation: This kind of evaluations is done with the intention of improving a particular kind of existing educational program. Through detailed analysis and comparing, the data of past this evaluation is generally accomplished. Even due to thorough survey, it gives the scope to reveal the areas, which needs improvement.

Summative educational evaluation: This kind of evaluation presents the overview of the entire projects. It also highlights how efficiently the program has achieved its targeted goals. Thus, through this evaluation it becomes easier to determine the overall performance and status of a particular educational program.

As the work of different method varies, the style of framing each kind also depends on it. The common factor that both the method of evaluation shared is a proper organization of the contents of the documents and a professional approach. Sometimes, in this kind of evaluation students also participate so while constructing an educational evaluation document one should be careful about the language that is being used.

Key points that one should not skip while constructing an evaluation document are as follows:

Note down all the points that is to be evaluated.

List the names of implemented programs and courses and keep space for writing each of its acceptance rates.

Apart from rating, keep space for writing the implementation cost of each program.

Before preparing an education evaluation report or assessment document, the evaluator should understand the status of targeted mass.

Moreover, the evaluation document should be designed graciously.

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