Education Evaluation Template

An education evaluation template is a guiding document for correct construction of an educational report. It should be prepared with deliberation and care so that the evaluation can be carried out in just, ethical and fair manner. It is very important for an educational organization to conduct an educational evaluation for proper growth and development of learners.

Sample Education Evaluation Template

Nature of education evaluated: _____________________________ [Mention the kind of educational course being evaluated]

Educational evaluation commissioned by: ______________________________ [Mention the organization or company commissioning such educational evaluation]

Date of submission of educational evaluation report: _________________________ [Mention the appropriate date]

Educational evaluation conducted by: ____________________________________ [Provide the name of the organization or department conducting the educational evaluation. Mention the names of chief members]

Purpose of educational evaluation:

  • Purpose 1: _________________________________
  • Purpose 2: _________________________________
  • Purpose 3: _________________________________ [Point out the advantages that will be attained through this educational evaluation]

Techniques used for educational evaluation:

  • Technique 1: ___________________________
  • Technique 2: ___________________________
  • Technique 3: ____________________________ [Describe the methods of evaluation adopted in this educational evaluation]

Factors considered in educational evaluation:

  • Regularity of class tests: _________________________________________
  • Amount of assignments and projects: _______________________________
  • Research and field work: _________________________________________
  • Approach and behaviour of teachers: ________________________________
  • Teaching modes: _______________________________________________
  • Difficulty of the course materials: __________________________________
  • Interest and aptitude of the learners :________________________________ [Mention how each of these factors affected the educational evaluation]

Educational evaluation report compiled by: _____________________________ [Provide the relevant details]

For more information please contact: _______________________________ [Provide valid contact number]

Please check the enclosed copies of the mark sheets of the students undergoing educational evaluation.

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