Education Evaluation Format

An education evaluation format stresses on the basic pattern of an educational evaluation report. It is carried out in educational institutions to evaluate the performance of the students at regular intervals in a fair manner and reward them accordingly with scholarships. This acts as a boost for the self confidence of students.

Sample Education Evaluation Format

Education evaluation commissioned by: ________________________________

Education evaluation conducted by the core team consisting of: ____________________________________________________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must specify the details related to the organization conducting an educational evaluation of its students. It must mention the grade and the purpose of the evaluation being conducted. The nature of education must be mentioned whether it is academic education, special education, formal training or cultural education. Educational evaluation is conducted through scientific collection of data based on performance and achievement oriented tests.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must identify the methods of imparting lessons and the approach of the teachers handling the learning materials. It must specify the time and effort given in terms of conducting research work, projects, assignments and field studies for the consolidation of the lessons learnt. The number of teachers involved and the number of times the tests are conducted formally or informally must be also indicated.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must explicitly point out the achievements of the students evaluated and identify the areas where they require further drilling. It must give an outline of the strategies, principles and techniques to be followed to overcome deficiencies in particular subjects and the attempts on part of the teachers must be clearly laid down.

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