Education Evaluation Form

Education evaluation form is a draft used for appraising and characterizing some important aspects of an educational system or process. This document serves as a tool for improving performance of an education system and reveals the areas which need improvement.

Sample Education Evaluation Form

Name of the student _______________________

Class ________________

Student Roll no /id _____________________

Name of the institute __________________________

Affiliated under the board ____________________________

Please answer all the questions correctly:

1. Do you have proficient teachers in all the subjects that are included on curriculum?

a. Yes, we have highly qualified teachers for all the subjects.

b. We have teachers but they are not that proficient as expected

c. No, we don’t have teachers in every subject

2. Are you satisfied with the quality or standard of education that is being provided to you by the institute?

a. Definitely, we do receive quality and standard education

b. May be don’t know

c. I don’t think so.

3. Do you feel the teaching methodologies adapted by the institute are quite interesting and an innovative process to learn?

a. Yes, it is quite innovative and even we do get practical experiences of theoretical education.

b. Possibly, I am not to sure

c. No, not at all; it is quite monotonous

4. How long your institute is affiliated to a standard board of education?

a. Since its establishment

b. No idea

c. Recently

5. Rate the following on a scale of 10.

Effectiveness of doubt clearing classes _________

Teacher’s association and interaction with the students _____________

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