Early Childhood Education Evaluation

Early Childhood Education Evaluation is a significant report that needs to be prepared to assess the academic growth of children in their preparatory classes. The evaluation report will be used for drawing important conclusions regarding the child and taking decisions for future, hence should be prepared very carefully and accurately.

Sample Early Childhood Education Evaluation:

Name of student: Emily Jennifer Gomes

Age: 4 years

School name: Young Horizon School

Evaluation commissioned by: National Commission for Child Development.

Purpose: The basic objective behind conducting such an evaluation of early childhood education is to draw a primary inference about a child’s mental faculties and academic abilities, so as to guide his parents and him as well to take for the most appropriate career decision.

We request Emily’s guardian to kindly mark the correct options and fill in the blanks with proper details, wherever required.

  1. Is your child receiving a proper pre-school academic training?

a)   Definitely.

b)   Maybe, I am not quite concerned about her education at such a young age.

c)   Not really, I have not as yet found her learning anything.

2. Does the school provide proper playing opportunities?

a)   Yes, I find her learning a lot of games every day.

b)   I don’t think they do it quite often.

3. Do the teachers take individual care?

a)   They do.

b)   I am not sure, nor bothered.

c)   They don’t.

4. Do teachers encourage your child for an all-round development?

a)   They conduct music and dance workshops and also reading sessions and excursions at regular intervals.

b)   They take out for small trips at times.

c)   Never is it anything but studies and some play.

5. Out of 10, rate the school’s contribution in providing early childhood education.


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