Disaster Drill Evaluation Form

A disaster drill evaluation form clearly outlines the aspects to be brought forth through the assessment of the techniques and practices employed for disaster management and emergency conditions in some factory, company, business house, or even at the local, national or global level. This type of an evaluation form must provide enough room for relevant and important details to be filled, carefully and accurately, as they are to serve serious issues during crisis period.

Sample Disaster Drill Evaluation Form:

Name of organization: ___________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________


Contact number: ______________________________

Website: ______________________________________

Name of evaluation representative: _________________________________________________

Age: __________ years

Gender: ____________

Position held: _________________________________

Company/ agency conducting evaluation: ____________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Contact details: _________________________________________________________________

Purpose of evaluation: ___________________________________________________________


Date of evaluation: _______________________

Kindly tick the areas of disaster drill practice prevalent in your company:

  • Storm
  • Cyclone
  • Tornado
  • Excessive rains and flooding
  • Earthquake
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • Forest fire
  • Domestic accidents
  • Industrial disaster
  • Chemical leakage
  • Mining explosion
  • Disaster at construction sites
  • Bomb blast
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Mass upsurge and murder [political issues]
  • Others


[Mention the area, in case of the last option]

Emergency call number: ______________________

Please tick the correct option and provide details wherever necessary:

1. Do you have ample staff for practice of disaster drill?

  • Yes we do.
  • I don’t have the exact records.
  • No, it’s insufficient and we need many more people.

2. Are your workers well-trained in this area?

  • Definitely, all of them are outstanding.
  • Some of them have proper knowledge but lack practical skills of applying it.
  • No, but we have already started training them.

3. Do you have enough equipments and technologically sound facilities for ensuring disaster drill?

  • Definitely, we have them all and also some unique and important ones.
  • We have most of them, if not all.
  • We just have some but have ordered for more.

4. Are the employees enough active to perform disaster drill in any sort of condition?

  • Yes they are.
  • Some of them are.
  • Most of them aren’t and so we are training them rigorously.

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