Different Types of Evaluation Methods

There are different types of evaluation methods which can be used. Depending on the purpose of evaluation, you need to determine the appropriate method of evaluation. Some of the major types of evaluation include Process, Impact, Outcome, Summative, and Formative.

Process evaluation method

Process evaluation method is intended to examine the strategies and procedures involved in the implementation of the program. It is used for measuring the quality of the program and the related activities. With the help of process evaluation method, you can find out if your program is reaching the targeted audience.

This method is used to find whether the program operations are accurately depicted to all the participants and the outside parties. Process evaluation ensures feedback throughout the duration of the program by monitoring closely.

Impact evaluation method

Impact evaluation focuses on long term results of the program and changes or improvements in the activities of the program. It is used to measure how effectively the objectives of the program have been achieved.

As the name implies, Impact evaluation is used in measuring the impact of the program immediate to its completion. The results of the Impact evaluation method may consist of changes in behavior of the participants such as self esteem, morbidity and confidence.

Outcome evaluation method

Outcome evaluation method is used to obtain the detailed data on the results of the activities such as changes in the attitude short-term effects, changes made in the policies, etc. It focuses both on long term effects as well as short-term effects of the program.

Outcome evaluation method is used to measure the effectiveness of the goal of the program. It can also be used to assess the program goal over a short-term period. This method helps to determine how the program affects the outcome of the participants.

Formative evaluation method

This method is used to evaluate a program during the time of its development, so that early improvements can be possible. It helps in refining and improving the program. Formative evaluation method is used to measure the strengths and weaknesses of the strategies involved, prior to its implementation.

This method helps in necessary revisions before it can be implemented fully. It’s basically used to increase the chance for success of the program before starting the new activity.

Summative evaluation method

It is used to provide information on the effectiveness of the program. It is usually conducted after the program design is completed.
Summative evaluation method helps in deciding whether to continue with the program or to end it. It is used to determine whether a program is sustainable and whether it should be extended to other locations.

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