Dental Employee Evaluation

Dental employee evaluation is a document that assesses the qualities and shortcomings of an employee who works with a dentist or in some firm that does business in the concerned field, that is, of providing dental health to all. The evaluation should necessarily point out all areas of improvement of the employee, since it directly concerns the patient’s well-being.

Sample Dental Employee Evaluation

Employee Name: Rupert Buckler

Employee code: 0056372889

Age: 43 years

Evaluation done by: Central Commission for Dental Care

Date of evaluation: 3rd May, 2011

Purpose: The basic purpose of conducting this evaluation is to bring to the notice of the Central authority the state of dental care provided by every person employed under the banner of The U.S Dental Care Centre.

The employer should read the questionnaire thoroughly before answering. Kindly provide us with relevant details.

1. Does your employee possess proper technical knowledge and the common sense of demonstration and application of it?

a)   He perfectly does.

b)   I am not quite sure of his education level.

c)   He has very little knowledge, needs improvement.

2.  Is your employee efficient in handling all equipments?

a)   Definitely.

b)   I don’t think he is aware of all the uses.

c)   Not yet but he is learning.

3.  How do you find Rupert as a quality worker?

a)   Outstandingly neat and tidy and accurate in whatever he does.

b)   He does his work well but is not that clean.

c)   He works very clumsily and also irregular in work.

4. Does your employee know about and enforce a safe work environment?

a)   Yes he does.

b)   I don’t find him concerned about safety measures.

5.  Is he punctual and responsible irrespective of the workload?

a)   Definitely.

b)   He is good in just one. ___________________ [mention]

c)   No.

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