Dental Assistant Performance Evaluation

A dental assistant performance evaluation is the evaluation done when an employer wants to establish facts about the performance of the dental assistant he/ she has employed.

These types of evaluation help the employer to know the positives of the dental assistant as well as the areas where he/she needs improvement. Given below is a sample of one such dental assistant performance evaluation that can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Dental Assistant Performance Evaluation

Evaluated By:_________________________

Evaluator’s Job Title:_____________________

Date of Evaluation:_______________________

Details of the employee:

Full Name: ___________________________________

Job Position: __________________________________

Age: _____________ Sex: _______________

Pleaseprovide appropriate answers to the following questions.
1. Does the dental assistant being evaluated follows the work place discipline briefing provided to him at the time of joining?

a. Yes, always

b. Sometime

c. Never

2. Is the dental assistant efficient in following through the instructions given to him/ her by the immediate superiors being assisted?

a. Only sometime

b. No, never

c. Yes, always

3. Is the assistant instrumental in maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation standards of the work place?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Specify others, ______________________

4. How is the assistant’s behaviour towards the rest of the staff/ employees?

a. Very good

b. Manageable

c. Bad, creates problems most times.

d. Other, _________________________

5. Describe in very brief the attitude and behaviour of the dental assistant towards the incoming clients.


6. Maintain and preparing all the equipment and tools for any procedure is the responsibility of the dental assistant. How would to say that he is fulfilling it?


7. Have there been changes in the momentum and efficiency in working patterns at the work place since the joining of the dental assistant? Describe.


8. Please mention any suggestions or pointer you want to provide.


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