Daycare Evaluation Form

A daycare evaluation form is generally prepared to assess the procedure of functioning on a daycare unit and its success among the people or section of society it generally works for. Daycare is undoubtedly a highly responsible task as it involves the nurturing of toddlers and children generally below the age of 6-7 years. It is important that an all-round development facility be provided to each child and the respective evaluation form should necessarily portray this aspect.

Sample Daycare Evaluation Form:

Happy Days School for Kids

89 – G/II, Houston Lane


00 44 – 20 – 45682977

Name: _______________________________________________________

Age: _________ years                                                                    Gender: ___________

Professional role in the organization: _______________________________________________

Date of evaluation: _________________

Name of the company/ agency conducting the evaluation:


Contact details: ____________________________

The respective individual is requested to kindly fill in the details properly in order to help us attain a proper evaluation report:

1. How do you perceive of your employees or teachers as pre-school trainers?

  • Outstanding.
  • Satisfactorily good.
  • Needs training for further improvement.

2. Does your institution provide individual care and concern for each child?

  • Definitely.
  • We try to.
  • We can’t look after every single child.

3. Do you provide proper nutrition and health care services to the children?

  • Definitely, it is one of our primary and most important areas of concern.
  • Occasionally we do provide them nourishing food and drinks.
  • No, it is not a part of our agenda.

4. Are the children provided training in basic academic skills and activities that bring out their talents?

  • Yes we do keep them engaged with such activities always.
  • Sometimes we conduct such sessions.
  • No, we just keep them under our observation for the stipulated time period.

5. From the reactions and feedbacks received from parents and guardian, how much would you rate your daycare school, out of 5?


[1-Poor, 2-Needs improvement, 3-Satisfactory, 4-Good, 5-Excellent]

6. Suggested areas of development:

  • ________________________________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________________________________

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