Daycare Employee Evaluation

Daycare employee evaluation portrays the performance of employees in daycare services, that is, in managing children, generally below the age of 6 years, for quite a considerable time span of the day. Such an evaluation may either involve the employer’s response regarding the employee’s work behaviour and proficiency in this field or the employee’s viewpoints regarding the job and his satisfaction in it.

Sample Daycare Employee Evaluation:

Name of the employee: Marc Johannson

Age: 32 years

Name of the daycare unit: Brighter Future Day School

Evaluation commissioned by: National Council for Child Care

Date of evaluation: 30th June, 2011

Purpose: This evaluation is being carefully conducted so as to assess the skills of the employee in handling this daycare job of upbringing the child.

The employer is requested to provide the exact answers to this questionnaire.

1.  Is the employee regular in his services?

a)   Yes, he hardly takes a leave.

b)   He does go for leave at times.

c)   No, he has a poor attendance.

2. How well is Marc with the children?

a)   He is just awesome with the kids and very much interactive during teaching as well as games, music, art, dance and everything.

b)   I don’t think he goes that deep but does his duties pretty well.

c)   No, I have never found him going out of his way to care for the kids.

3. Does he create any pressure on the kids?

a)   Yes, I find him giving too much of homework.

b)   I am not quite sure of that.

c)   Not at all, he is very much flexible.

4. Does he bring every child’s development to your notice?

a)   Definitely he does.

b)   Not before the session ends.

5. Does he inform their parents?

a)   Regularly.

b)   Depends on the child’s performance.

c)   Never does.

6. Out of 10, rate Marc as a daycare employee.


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