Dance Evaluation Form

A dance evaluation form generally contains provisions for assessing an individual’s dancing skills and corresponding knowledge or may be an institute or teacher’s ability to impart dance lessons to interested candidates. Dance is a beautiful form of art which depicts versatility in itself, by the various different styles of dance presentation. The evaluation form should hence be designed in a way to collect information that represent the basic as well as special features of dance possessed by the respective person, trainer or institute.

Sample Dance Evaluation Form:


U.S Academy of Dance

76, Lord Street, Los Angeles

00 1 – 213 – 42811833

Topic of evaluation: _______________________________________________________

Purpose: ______________________________________________________________________


Specifications, if any, of dance form to be evaluated:


Evaluation conducted and supervised by: ____________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________


Contact number: ____________________________________

Email id: ___________________________

Kindly provide details of the following aspects:

  • Year of establishment: ________________________
  • Student strength: __________________________________________
  • Number of faculty members: ______________________________________________
  • Styles of dance practiced: __________________________________________________


  • Genre [if any]: ___________________________________________________________
  • University affiliated to: ____________________________________________________
  • Date of affiliation: ______________________
  • Equipments available for dance: _____________________________________________


  • Grooming and personality development: _______________________________________
  • Career prospects: _________________________________________________________

The representative of the concerned authority is requested to provide proper answers for correct and effective evaluation:

1. Are your students provided thorough knowledge of the theory of the particular dance form?

  • Yes, it is mandatory for all of them to know and learn the concepts well before practicing.
  • Sometimes, if need be.
  • No, we don’t think it’s important.

2. Are the teachers well-trained?

  • Definitely.
  • Some of them are.
  • No, they have very little knowledge and need improvement

3. Do you organize cultural workshops, seminars, inter-academy meets, etc.?

  • Yes, we do so at regular intervals.
  • Occasionally we do.
  • Never.


[Signature of representative officer]


[Signature of evaluator]

Date: __________________                                                Place: _________________________

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