Customer Service Employee Evaluation

A customer service employee evaluation is basically a document that is represented in a format so as to assess the feedback from clients in response to the customer service offered by a company, business firm or some other corporate sector. Such a report needs to be prepared very carefully as it deals with one of the most important factors that influence the profits of an organization.

Sample Customer Service Employee Evaluation:

Company name: Prospera Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Name of the employee: Joey McKinley

Position held: HR Head, Prospera Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Date of preparation of evaluation: 17th November, 2011

The following section is to be filled up by the customers:

1. Does the employee explain all aspects clearly?

• Definitely, he always does that.

• He does that at times, for certain specific concepts.

• Never does he do so.

2. Are you comfortable interacting with him?

• Always.

• Sometimes I find him out-of-track.

• Never do I get to know what I want to.

3. Do you find him aware of respective topics and to have proper knowledge?

• Yes, always.

• Sometimes.

• Never.

4. Kindly rate our customer service programme, out of 5:


[1-Excellent, 2-Good, 3-Satisfactory, 4-Fair, 5-Poor]

To be filled up by the employee:

1. How did your customers react to the service?

• They were just great.

• Some of them were found ignorant.

• None of them gave any feedback.

2. Were the customer feedbacks of any help?

• Definitely.

• Some of them were.

• None would be of any help to our company’s improvement.

3. Have you decided on whether to consider the responses?

• Yes, we have in fact started working on them.

• Some data will be considered in due course of time.

• None of them are worth considering.

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