Course Evaluation Form

Course evaluation form provides a useful insight into the course of study or training just attended by a participant. It asks for his viewpoints and opinions based on which the course quality and other eminent characteristics are judged. Thus it is a measurement tool developed by professionals and used by authorities for authentic reasons.

Sample Course Evaluation Form

Name of the course: _____________________ Name of the respondent: _______________

Date of commencement: __________________ Age: _______________________________

Date of termination: _____________________ Contact number: ______________________

Name of the teacher: _____________________ Date of submission: ___________________

The objective behind giving out this form is to gain a proper feedback on the course and improve its features based on that. You are free to give any comment that you think holds true for the program. But you must ensure that none of the questions are left out while answering.

1. Assess the following features of the course by using the terms provided below.

A. Excellent

B. Good

C. Average

D. Poor

a. Instruction standards and modes __________________

b. Material supply and relevance ____________________

c. Syllabus structure and difficulty __________________

d. Classroom discussion __________________________

e. Doubt elimination _____________________________

f. Practical applicability __________________________

g. Teaching and lectures__________________________

h. Orderliness of course __________________________

i. Course compliance with proposed scheme __________

j. Additional information _________________________

k. Course-distinctiveness __________________________

2. Do you think this course is worth attending for others? Give reasons why you think so. _______________________________________________________________________

3. Are you satisfied with the end result of the course?

a. Yes

b. No

4. What other topics would you like to introduce for this course?


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