Construction Employee Evaluation

A construction employee evaluation is a document which asks a specific set of questions to a construction employee regarding his job. This should include thorough research about the nature of the job so that pointed, direct and relevant questions are asked. The construction employee evaluation report must be framed in a way that it is understandable, unbiased and objective. The opinions and answers provided must be stored for further, as well as immediate, use.

Sample Construction Employee Evaluation:

Name of employee: Robert Bridges

Date of joining construction firm: 12th June 2010

Name of construction firm: Silex Inc.

Position in which the employee is currently working: Chief Architect, Roads

Answer all the questions to the best of your ability. Your opinions shall be kept strictly confidential.

1. How would you consider the work culture in your construction firm?

• Warm and friendly, with duties of each individual clearly delineated.

• Chaotic and unprofessional

2. If you are required to go on field trips and site surveys very often, does your construction firm provide you with adequate protection?

• Yes, my construction firm provides me with adequate protection like gloves, hard hats, special glasses and the like.

• No, my firm does not provide me with adequate protection. I have to organize my own protective measures.

3. Are you satisfied with your salary?

• Yes, I am satisfied

• No, I am unhappy with the remuneration I get,

4. Does your construction firm give you enough chances to climb the professional ladder?

• Yes, I am happy with the professional growth I have achieved in this construction firm.

• No, I feel stifled in my work environment.

5. On a scale of ten, how much would you give your construction firm? _______________

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