Conference Evaluation Form

A conference evaluation form brings out the evaluative aspects of a conference held on a particular topic. It illustrates the questions and the answers in a manner such that the information given on the research work is fully laid bare for criticism and appreciation. Thus it must be drafted with acuteness and made finely-honed for interpretation.

Sample Conference Evaluation Form

Name of the conference: ____________________

Address of the conference hall: _______________

Date of conference: _________________________

Topic of conference: ________________________

Name of the evaluator: _______________________

Date of presentation of evaluation report: __________

Fill in the following questionnaire and help us determine the quality of the conference held. You may post the form to this address: 6, Rose Valley, Miami, US or email it to by 5th October, 2011.

1. How would you sum up your entire experience at the conference?

a. Brain storming and influential

b. Satisfactory

c. Bleak and inconsequential

2. What type of a break were you allowed to have?

a. Brief tea break was given

b. Long lunch break was given

c. Short tea break + long lunch break was given

d. There was no break

3. Do you think the location of the conference was convenient enough for everyone attending it? If not, then why? __________________________________________________________

4. How many countries were represented in the conference besides your own?

a. More than 5 countries

b. Not more than 5 countries

c. Only my country

5. Do you feel happy and contented with the exchange of information and views that took place during the conference?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Neutral

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