Company Self Evaluation

Company self-evaluation is the act of writing one’s own evaluation report and submitting it to the company one works for. Many companies encourage its employees to evaluate their performance over a period of time where they write down their achievements and areas they need to work on. This self-evaluation helps employees to be better workers as they reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and in turn help the employees to perform better too. Self-evaluation encourages leadership, confidence and awareness and is a good way to conduct appraisal of an employee. It must be done in a systematic manner and cover different areas of work and skills.

Sample Company Self Evaluation:

Name of company: Green Leaf Consultancy

Name of employee: Ben Rogers

Designation: Sales Manager

Work experience: 7 years

Review period: 2011-2012


I have good leadership skills and have shown that trait during my interaction with my team members where I motivate them to achieve their best

My good networking and communication skills have helped me make good sales and get more clients for the company


  • I supervised the ‘Connect All’ project whose success lead to a 20% jump in sales
  • I received the East US Outstanding Sales Manager Award
  • I trained two new teams who are performing very well in the company


  • I want to venture to new areas now and I am looking for a change in geographical locations with new responsibilities

  • I would like a change in job profile where I can increase my knowledge and upgrade my skills and contribute in a new way towards the company

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